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  1. Right to Healthcare: Guarantee comprehensive healthcare for all, regardless of income, age, or pre-existing conditions, ensuring physical, mental, and reproductive health services are accessible to everyone.

  2. Right to Education: Provide free, high-quality education from pre-kindergarten through higher education, including vocational training and lifelong learning opportunities, to equip individuals with the skills needed for a changing world.

  3. Right to a Living Wage and Economic Security: Ensure that all workers receive a living wage that reflects the cost of living, along with job security and benefits, to promote economic stability and reduce inequality.

  4. Right to Clean Environment and Climate Action: Commit to protecting the planet through sustainable practices, clean energy, and robust measures to combat climate change, ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations.

  5. Right to Housing: Guarantee affordable, safe, and decent housing for all, recognizing shelter as a basic human need and a right, not a privilege.

  6. Right to Equality: Uphold and protect the equality of all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or disability, ensuring equal treatment under the law and in society.

  7. Right to Workers' Rights and Collective Bargaining: Support the rights of workers to organize, unionize, and engage in collective bargaining for better wages, working conditions, and benefits.

  8. Right to Privacy and Digital Rights: Protect individuals' privacy rights in the digital age, including control over personal data and protection from surveillance and data exploitation.

  9. Right to Participatory Democracy: Enhance democratic participation by ensuring fair voting practices, transparency in governance, and mechanisms for public engagement in decision-making processes.

  10. Right to Peace and Non-Violence: Promote peace and non-violence in foreign and domestic policies, emphasizing diplomacy, conflict resolution, and the demilitarization of societies.

  11. Right to Social Services and Welfare: Provide robust social safety nets and welfare services, including unemployment benefits, social security, and support for the disabled and elderly, to ensure no one is left behind.

  12. Right to Cultural and Artistic Expression: Encourage and protect cultural, artistic, and intellectual freedom, recognizing the importance of creativity and expression for a vibrant society.

by Renay Grace Rodriguez

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