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R Grace Endorsements for March 2024 Primaries



Hi!  I'm Renay Grace Rodriguez. 


I pretty much was living live happy as can be.  What wasn't to be happy about?  I escaped homelessness and addiction brought on by the dysfunctional life skills and coping mechanisms I adopted and continued to use learned in my childhood.  I added a few of my own maladaptive patterns with a major diet of codependency.  But I had my own little business, I had become a lawyer, and I struggled with life and family like everyone else.  I rode motorcycles and didn't think much about politics or religion.  My religion was replaced with 12 Step jargon and philosophy.

Then November 7, 2016, something happened that I never thought would happen before. . . A TV Celebrity became the president of the United States.  For the first time I realized that in fact, the rest of the world was as checked out from politics as I was.  

I decided to get involved.  Here is what I believe to have found out.  While all of us were busy working two jobs, raising families, going to church, fighting with our neighbors, rooting for football, and riding motorcycles, the very elite and wealthy of the world have been engaged in a battle for supremacy.  I found out that I am but a small cog in a giant contraption which is designed only to satisfy the needs of the elite.  As the fight internationally gets worse, the worse we are treated.  Plain and simple.The elite have infiltrated every level of government. It might be too late to take back our government.  But I'm not gonna go do down without a fight.  

In my little corner of the world, I have huddled up with the best people I can find that I truly believe are not motivated by greed, personal aclaim or ego . . . or at least they realize it and are not so fully of themselves.  But these people want to collaborate to  make things better for all of us because they love their families and they want good for their families.  They also know that  no one can do good unless we are all doing good.  I have learned a lot since 2016 and you deserve to know what's up so we can lock arms and rally together.

So if you want to fight the good fight and believe in most of the things contained in our PROGRESSIVE BILL OF RIGHTS, then consider coming to one of the activities we are supporting, or even becoming a member of the Rapid Action Democrats.

PS:  I identify with she/her/hers pronouns, lesbian, mixed race white/latina experiencing disabilities and neurodivergency, addiction and PTSD due to trauma.  CAUTION


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